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Web Development
Softchip Technologies Limited provides the services required for successful businesses.

Our web services include web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side / server-side scripting,  web server and network security configuration, and  e-commerce development.

Our comprehensive web services solution suite has worked wonders for our customers who have gained through :-
  • Reduced time to market new applications
  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI)
  • Accelerated business performance by automating and orchestrating processes across enterprises
  • Collaboration with business and trading partners more flexibly and cost-effectively
  • Improving visibility of current business performance, reducing reliance on historical trends

Our web maintenance and management service protects your site and investment in your web presence by constant site-optimization;

  • Keeping your website up-to-date
  • Maintaining and managing your site
  • Securing and protecting your site
  • Re-structuring your site contents
  • Newsletter and email list maintenance
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Developing tools to generate reports to monitor site progress

Application Development

Application development empowers enterprises to make accurate business decisions, adjust quickly to business processes, and ensure that risks are averted, opportunities are acted on, and best practices are implemented.

Application development has undergone a transition over the last few years, with the migration of applications from traditional client server designs, to the internet. According to a recent report by Gartner, the application development market will continue to see a transition in the years to come.

Companies dealing with application development will need to contend with customization and demand for rapid delivery, drive mastery of new technologies and processes for service-oriented development of applications (SODA).

We believe that application development should optimize revenues, reduce costs, and provide operational efficiencies. The dynamic nature of the web as a convenient vehicle for business transactions has made fast-paced development of solutions, paramount. Which is why, Softchip uses pre-built components, rapid application development and web-application development tools to provide swift custom application development solutions.

Softchip Technologies Limited has acquired capabilities spanning customer verticals, horizontal application areas and specific technologies. Our projects range from financial services and insurance, retail, apparel and manufacturing industries, telecom and utilities, to technology products.
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